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Classical Western Music Seminars Resumed

Classical Western Music Seminars Resumed

The classical music seminars titled "Music Appreciation 2021-2022," which is organized by each of the Department of Art, Culture, and Sports and the Department of History, have started. The seminar series, which started in the 2019-2020 Academic Year and suspended due to the pandemic, will continue from where it left off as of the new semester.

The "Ludwig van Beethoven" seminar, the first of "The Romantic and National Composers" seminar series, which will be held for 11 weeks by Prof. Halil Berktay, faculty member of History Department, took place on Tuesday, October 19, in the Harvard Hall of Ibn Haldun University (IHU) with the participation of both students and academics.

Prof. Berktay gave analytical information about the artistic understanding of the romantic period by listening to vocal pieces of Beethoven, one of the most important composers of that period.

The program, which is scheduled to be held on Harvard Hall every Tuesday at 14:30, discusses a different composer at each seminar reflecting the cultural climate and social structure of the society that these artists experienced.