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Double Majors

Double major programs provide the undergraduate students with proven outstanding academic success an opportunity to study another selected dicipline of their choice, concurrently, to obtain a second degree. 
Students in all other departments can qualify to double-major with the History department, as long as they fulfill the following requirements: 

Application Requirements for Double Major Program

  • Students can apply to double major programs between the beginnings of their third and fifth semesters. 
  • A minimum GPA of 2.72/4.00.
  • Having successfully completed all credit courses taken in previous semesters.
  • Being in the top 20% of the success ranking in the class.

Applications must be submitted via the Student Information System (OBS) on the dates announced in the academic calendar. 
For detailed information about double major and minor programs, you can review the Directive for the Double Major and Minor Programs.  

Students interested in studying History as a double major can check the History Department's second major curriculum.
For application dates and qoutas, please click