Five IHU historians at the CIEPO conference

CIEPO, the International Committee on Pre-Ottoman and Ottoman Studies (Comité international d’études pré-ottomanes et ottomanes) is holding its 23rd conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, over 11-15 September 2018. Taking part will be five faculty members from the History and Sociology Departments of Ibn Haldun University.

At 9-11 on Wednesday, 12 September, a session on Ottoman Architecture and Archaeology) will be chaired by Suraiya Faroqhi. At 11:30 – 13:00 on Friday, 14 September, Prof. Faroqhi will also be the discussant for a session on Prominent Texts, Overlooked Aspects: On the Interaction of Historiography and Literary Studies in the 16th and 17th Centuries, where Claudia Römer, Gül Şen and Christiane Czygan are presenting.

Meanwhile, in the same 9-11 morning belt on 12 September, Dr Fatih Çalışır is the organizer and chair for another panel titled Between Asia Minor and Asia Major: Untold Stories of the Agents of Change). Papers to be presented in this panel include M. Fatih Çalışır’s own study of An Ottoman Physician at the Court of Shah Jahan: Hakim Mehmed b. Ahmed of Edirne (d. 1680) and His Medical Works; Dr Şakir Yılmaz’s study on Sufi Brotherhood beyond Boundaries: Murad al-Bukhari’s (1640-1720) Travels and Residence in Istanbul; and a summary of Dr Mehmet Özay’s research on Rumi Connections: A Diasporic Group in Distinct Geographies in Asia.

In the next (11:30 – 13:00) belt on 12 September,  one of the four presenters in a panel on Non-Sunni Muslims in the Ottoman State: Modes of Interaction between ‘Confessionalisation’ and Administrative Pragmatism is Dr Faruk Yaslıçimen of the IHU History Department, who will be speaking about Iraqi Shiites and the Unionist Government in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1908-1914.

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