Historian, historiographer, demographer and sociologist — as a 14th century intellectual giant Ibn Haldun was a man of many talents. Nearly 650 years from the inception of the Muqaddimah, the History Department at IHU aspires to a similarly complex, interdisciplinary, multi-faceted, comparative and sociological richness capable of transcending both Eurocentric and narrowly Ottoman-Turkish focused approaches.

Eventually the History Department will be running a full range of ve undergraduate and graduate programs: a History BA, a History MA (with and without thesis), and a History PhD, plus a more interdisciplinary MA in Turkish Studies (with and without thesis) as well as a unique PhD also in Turkish Studies. In all cases, English is the primary language of instruction, complemented by proficiency in Modern Turkish as well as the requisite research languages of Ottoman Turkish, Arabic and Persian. In turn, such linguistic skills shall pave the way for a combination of high standards in empirical research with broad theoretical horizons.

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